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Yoga Props!

Updated: Jun 14

Well, now that we're all practicing from home we're going to need to get ourselves set up for success. A good collection of yoga props can help adapt the practice so you get the most out of it while minimizing injury and strain. Here is a list of my favorite gear from blocks to straps to cushions for a variety of different styles of classes – with links to purchase. If you just want to browse, I'd recommend Everyday Yoga for a vast selection of all kinds of props.


Bolsters. No restorative class is complete without these cushy enhancements. Check out a wide selection here. My favorites are from Manduka or Hugger Mugger. These multi-use props can be wonderful to create inclines, support the hips or the torso, or as a meditation cushion. For a good restorative class, definitely pick up two if you can!

Blankets. The blanket is a great first prop to invest in, thanks to its versatility. Fold up small to use as a meditation-cushion alternative, unfold a few times to support sensitive knees during asana, roll up to pad neck and joints during restorative postures, or add warmth and weight to your final rest in savasana. And, off the mat they're perfect for a picnic or beach day. Have a look here. Pick up 2 if you can.

Straps. Yoga straps are a best friend for me, and an easy travel option. They come in three different lengths – 6, 8 and 10 feet. 8 feet is usually enough for most folks. You'll find a variety of buckles and I prefer the smooth, metal D-rings to minimize any potential for pinching the skin. I prefer cotton or hemp as opposed to nylon and I always try to support Jade since the company is so eco-conscious. Check them out here. Get two!

Blocks. The essential yoga prop. The iconic yoga block is the easiest way to bring the earth to you and support a myriad of poses. I prefer cork, and again Jade, because they are the most eco-friendly. The foam ones can be nice and soft, but are also not has stable in some poses. Look here. Definitely pick up two of these for a variety of uses in classes.

Mats. Yoga mats are as personal as a pair of pants. Some people love one and loathe another. I go for grip and environmental impact. In these categories, Jade once again has the leading edge. The natural material is supple, springy and never slippery for me. However, don't let them get exposed to the sun/UV. It will break them down over time. Have a look here.

Meditation Cushion. I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY. To be honest, I wish I would have bought one years ago when I first started a seated practice. It would have made things a lot easier on my knees. This particular one is great since you can fold it up for more height. I highly recommend getting a cushion you can use if you sit regularly. Check them out here.


Questions about other props or what else you may need? Curious about how to use them? Leave a comment below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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2021년 4월 02일

The meditation cushion has been a game changer. Thank you for the recommendation Nat!!

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