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What happens after you finish your first teacher training? Or, after you've begun your practice and don't know what steps to take next? The importance of a guide on this path can help you see more clearly as you look for the next stepping stone or clue along the way.


Whether you're looking for support with teaching or simply walking the path of yoga as a way of life – mentorship from someone who has treaded this path before can be an empowering way to help you fully commit to embodying the practice.


I have been very blessed with several guides, mentors and teachers who skillfully brought me under their wing. It is my intention to share this same grace through a dedicated 1:1 mentorship opportunity. Working one on one, we will help you find ways to truly integrate yoga into your life with more meaning and purpose through philosophy, poses, breathwork, meditation and more.


For aspiring teachers, we will help you find your true alignment and intention with sharing the teachings so you can offer what is most alive in your heart. Mentorship is a great option for teachers and students alike looking to deepen their understanding of the path.

What the mentorship includes:


The monthly mentorship is $408/month with no minimum amount of months required. Please submit your name, email and a bit about what you're looking to get from a mentorship opportunity. I will follow up via email to discuss if it feels like a good fit, plus meeting and payment details.

Thanks for submitting!
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