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San Francisco based yoga teacher, world music recording artist and devoted student of yoga, Nat Kendall shares his wisdom of the teachings in a heartfelt and grounded way that will easily awaken beginners and re-inspire long time practitioners. Instantly accessible and relevant to our modern times, the grace of Nat’s teachings pour through in tangible practices, tools, techniques and insights that are sure to enlighten your spiritual path and yogic journey.

"I'm indebted and at the feet of many teachers and the sacrifices they've made to share the teachings. And, I'm at the feet of the teachings themselves. It is by the grace of many, and something indescribable, that I've found my way home through the wisdom of Yoga. My mission is to share what has been shared with me, to share what has been awakened in me through the yogic traditions and gift you the sanctuary of the teachings that illuminate the path home."

"Best yoga teacher in San Francisco"

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