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Welcome to The Karma Collective


In the last several years of my teaching career I’ve noticed two voids in the community space of practicing & teaching yoga. First, students are eager to connect with other practitioners and learn more about their journey and make connections that could support their own path. Beyond time in the studio, this is relatively non-existent. Second, all too often classes end, students roll up their mats and then that’s it – relegating the experience to a 60 minute workout and no awareness of some of the other aspects of the practice, like Karma yoga (service). The Karma Collective gives space for this merging.


The Karma Collective aims to create opportunities for community building, conversation and giving back to local communities through Karma yoga (service) and organized group outreach. We take the practice off the mat, offsetting extraction and encouraging contribution.


We’ll meet monthly for an hour-long yoga practice on our mats. We’ll take a moment to meet our fellow practitioners and then discuss a relevant theme to explore both on the mat and off via dialog and discussion. After the class, we will collectively embark to an organized outreach event in the community. We'll keep the practice and dialog alive throughout the service expedition. After serving, we’ll gather in a final circle and share anything about our experiences.

Want to join in service?

We'll contact you for our next outing based on availability. These usually happen on the first Saturday morning of every month, 9am-12pm. Learn more and join the collective!

Thanks for submitting! We'll reach out about the next opportunity.

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