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Only you.

Hear this.

No teacher, no partnership, no relationship...

No therapist, no micro dose, no pranayama practice...

No imitation, no compulsion, no tradition, no renunciation...

No institution, no religious organization, no spiritual practice...

No training, no education, no degree...

No yoga teacher, no minister, no doctrine...

None of these can promise you the realization of Truth, nor assure its deliverance. None. Period.

They can only crack the door for you to see a glimpse and then you must take the step over the threshold on your own. Go with trust and faith, yet be careful of who and what you give your power over to, what has been promised and what you’ve been sold.

You must climb every mountain yourself. You must sink to the bottom of every ocean of doubt, you must learn what it’s like to finally loosen the grip on life itself until you fall deeply and unabashedly in love with yourself. Finally. Not a narcissistic love, but the REAL love. Only then will you know.

Truth is a pathless land.

No one can tell you what footsteps to take, how many mantras to chant, how many asanas to do. You must simply carry onward until YOU set yourself free. You are the only one who can do this. Do not place this expectation on another only to be disappointed or deceived. Your partner can not deliver this. Do not place it on a spiritual figure, they can only share their path. Do not look to celebrities or the praised, their truth is irrelevant to you. Do not place it on a future outcome that you think will bring you the happiness, the time is here. The time is now.

Truth is there, always inside you. Listen closely now. It is a pathless land, a whisper you must follow into the dark.

*Deeply inspired by the writings and teachings of J. Krishnamurti.

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