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Can one be 'taught' Yoga?

Perhaps not, as it is only something to be experienced. Though there are many paths, tools and techniques that can lead you to the experience; some meticulously laid out with warnings of the pitfalls on the way, guidebooks for the journey, the experience still isn’t something to be learned per se. Rather, it is a moment to be experienced.

Along the banks of the Ganges one day, Parvati asked her console Lord Shiva to teach her Yoga. He simply replied, that he cannot. She fussed, stomped her feet and threatened to destroy the entire natural world until he told her. Thus, Shiva replied, “The reason I cannot teach you what you seek to know is because it is already within you. Yoga is your birthright and the natural state you were born into. What I can do is share with you the practices that will help you remember this state of being.”

Lord Shiva then went on to share the wisdom practices of yoga with her, how he yokes himself intimately to the moment, a direct connection with life itself. This was overheard by an amazing sage-to-be disguised as a fish named Matsyendra who laid on his side in the lazy flow of the river. He perked up to hear the glorious discourse on Yoga as it was shared with Parvati. Matsyendra then began his own sadhana (practice) with such devotion that he eventually surfaced, emerging as an enlightened sage who went on to share the teachings and techniques of Hatha yoga to the world.

This is where matsyendrasana (pictured above) gets its name from: lord of the fishes pose, a beautiful twisting pose as Matsyendra turned an ear to hear the secrets of yoga from Lord Shiva.

Remember, dear Yogis, what you seek is already within. It is your birthright. Let us remember together through the practice of yoga.


Nat K

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