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A Turning Point & A Life Hack

May 1, 2024


Greetings yogis,


We’ve had quite the slew of gorgeous days here at Muir Beach. On mornings I meander down to the water, the low tide exposing many of nature's hidden treasures, massive banks of barnacles, steadfast and clinging to their rocky real estate. Peppered into this tapestry are gelatinous, fluorescent-purple anemones, occasionally daring enough to poke out and assess the water level. And strewn about on the smoothed morning sand are gnarled old pieces of driftwood that could surely tell a tale, or two, from their adventures at sea.


Many of the coastal days start with a blanket of fog. My favorite moment of the morning is what I call the turning point – where the sun’s angle warms the earth enough to start piercing through the tufts of gray, a sacred moment when the hanging moisture in the air begins to dissipate enough to reveal a shift towards the light. It’s a visceral feeling when you know the sun will shine again, a moment of hope that moves through the soul, a reminder to stay optimistic.


Our internal days can be like this as well, our minds fogged over due to a barrage of modern day distractions until we ourselves turn and direct our energy in new ways. The seduction of external stimulation through daily news drama and bright colors on a miniature screen drain us of vitality and clarity. (Isn’t it interesting that the word vice is in devices? Life hack for you: turn the brightness way down on devices to make them less alluring. It works.) We need discipline now more than ever to create our own turning points.


Our turning point is when we come back to a conscious breath, the mat or any practice that drops us back into presence and helps us see through the haze of our distraught minds. The tricky part is that it requires us to create it, no other outside source will. We need to commit ourselves to it over and over again, day after day. So, is your practice guiding you towards clarity? Do you need a reset? I think we can all use one from time to time.


Turn towards disciplining the mind but be gentle with yourself. Every day is an opportunity to begin clearing out what no longer serves and stepping into our own internal light of awareness, making conscious decisions that best serve our lives and each other. This is the practice, and today is a good day to start.


May you all be at peace.


Nat K


Om Shanti Shanti Shanti



P.S. Welcome to all the new readers! I'm so happy you're here! Forward this and share the love.

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