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For the longest time, this book "Dear Every Person Ever" has wanted to come through me. I'm currently working on it and hope to have the book out by 2024.

Some words from the introduction...


"Truthfully, these were all the words that I needed to hear on my own journey. Words written to my own heart reminding me to not give up in times when I felt tarnished, uncertain, bruised, vulnerable, hurt and lost. These were the whisperings that I told myself along the way to stay afloat. And, many of these were inspired by loved ones, friends, students and more who were brave enough to share the challenges of their journey with me. Their vulnerability inspired many of these musings as well.


I pray that these words are more than just another self-help book and that when your heart is ready to hear and receive them, you are ready – not a moment too soon nor a moment too late. The timing is divine if you have found your way to this book and are reading it now. It was indeed written for you. May it bring you solace and uplift you in all the right moments. May your heart be at peace as you come to know for certain that you are loved beyond measure. May you come to know joy and may this humble offering somehow contribute to your own liberation. 


I’ll leave you with the caveat that only you can sing the words that are most alive in your heart. Your journey need not look like mine and these are only the breadcrumbs that we all leave out for each other as we meander our way back to ourselves. And as the great, charismatic spiritual teacher Ram Das once said, we are all walking each other home. So go now, onward into the mysterious unfolding of this magical experiment of your life."

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